4 Strategies to Use When Playing Sic Bo

4 Strategies to Use When Playing Sic Bo

I’ve been playing casino classics for as long as I can remember. However, there is still something that inspires fear in me—the fear of the unknown! They say Sic Bo is the best game you never heard about, and I tend to agree. Even though I saw that name coming on the main page of my favourite gambling site many a time, it took me some time to take a leap of faith and start playing that enticing game.

There is a reason why Sic Bo sounds so exotic to our Western ears. Indeed, Sic Bo originates from Ancient China. It’s one of these casino games that use dice and a rather big and intimidating playing table with many symbols. Relax, though, because the rules are pretty simple, and even I – a slow thinker – understood them without issues!

Did you know Sic Bo was only introduced to UK gaming establishments in 2002? That might be why it is less famous than roulette, poker, or even blackjack. However, that shouldn’t stop an avid punter who likes to try new things, a new form of entertainment. Today, I feel like going through a brief recap of the rules and the many strategies to become (hopefully) a very competent player after a while.

Get To Know the Betting Table

A bit like craps, Sic Bo uses a large table with loads of symbols on it. In one session of Sic Bo, I can make multiple bets at once, most of which are decided by throwing three dice simultaneously. As a person who enjoys a bit of risk, I have a lot of fun engaging in a Sic Bo session since I’ve learned the rules.

If you look closely at the betting table, you’ll notice the names “Big” and “Small” on the Left and right corners of the board. These are the safest bets you can make in Sic Bo, but I will discuss them in more detail later.

Then, you have a series of numbers ranging from 4 to 17. You can totally bet that your dice will show a specific number. Be careful, though. It will be much harder to obtain a four and a 17, and that is why, my friend, most of this is down to Lady Luck—simple as that! Honestly, I thought that Sic Bo was more complicated than it is.

Small and Big Bets: Starting Safe, Starting Slow

I am certain that the most effective bet is clearly the Small or Big bet because it consists of predicting whether the number of points on your dice will be more, ranging from 4 to 10 or 11 to 17. This type of bet is the most traditional bet in Sic Bo.


Another common form of betting in Sic Bo is the Odd or Even bet. Here, you simply have to predict if the result of your dice throwing will be odd or even. I love to start a session of Sic Bo betting on these odds because I have potential for a nice return.

Does it remind you of something? These types of bets sound like the Red or Black bet on roulette because there’s approximately a 50% chance you’ll win your wager. Logically, these bets aren’t the most rewarding bets you can find on a Sic Bo table, but to me, it was a good place to start when I knew nothing about its rules and gameplay.

Going Deeper: Learn All the Low-risk and High-risk Strategies

I’m afraid I will not have enough time to explain all the probabilities of Sic Bo in this article. However, it is quite easy to grasp that some bets are more risky. If you wish to get into specifics, here’s a rather short bulleted list that describes them:

●     Low-risk: bets on Small/Big, Odd/Even

●     Low-to-medium-risk: bets on double

●     Medium-risk: Combination of two dice, bets on medium risk number (from 7 to 12)

●     High-risk: Bets on triple, bets on a high-risk number (e.g., 4, 17)

Of course, this list doesn’t give a complete overview of the probabilities, but it does give you some idea of which strategies to use. As for many other jeux d’argents – as the French call it -, including craps and roulette, a punter needs to rely heavily on probabilities. In the end, I perfectly know that only the throw of the dice will seal my fate.


Before you ask me, I can’t really confirm if Sic Bo is a hobby with good or bad odds. The situation varies drastically whether I choose to play safe (with an Odd/Even bet, for example) or go all the way and bet on a triple (1 chance out of 180).

Manage your Bankroll…and Your Emotions!

One of the particularities of Sic Bo is that you can make several bets at once. You’ve read right: you can go heavy on betting. By betting a lot on this Sic Bo, I’ve realised that some bets can cover the losses of other, more high-risk bets. It gives an element of surprise and strategy that appeals to beginners and seasoned gamblers.

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