In the Gaming Realm, Does the PC or Mobile Apps Take the Lead?


Mobile app games are expected to account for 50% of the video gaming market by 2030 and already generate $91.8 billion in revenue in 2022. Comparing that to the $36.5 billion and $2.3 billion generated by boxed/downloaded PC games and browser PC games, respectively, shows that mobile apps are in the lead.

However, the average gamer knows that’s not the only thing determining if one gaming genre is better.

In this article, PC and mobile app games go head-to-head in the boxing ring as we compare them based on several criteria that matter in the gaming realm. Ultimately, we’ll see whether PC or mobile apps take the lead.

Round 1!


The first round judges both gaming options based on how easy it is for an average player to start gaming after deciding they would like to play their favorite game.

With that in mind, you’re probably predicting where this round tilts.

Mobile app games are all over the internet. We all see the ads on our various social media channels. All you need to do is head to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and you’ll have access to one in a few taps of the screen. In addition, you can also get in on the fun on the go, anywhere or anytime. Mobile app games can be accessed and enjoyed on a lunch break or while in transit on the bus.

On the other hand, PC games require more elaborate arrangements to download, install, and set up. Likewise, you would agree that it might seem impossible to whip out your gaming rig and wireless controller on the bus to your destination!


However, some game genres have made themselves equally suitable on both platforms, like instant play casinos, where you can play without needing to download any software. Whether you access the website from your PC or mobile, it will only take a minute to get started. There are a few other popular games that offer a similar level of convenience. For example, Fortnite became available on iOS, Android, and PC platforms in May 2022, whereas it was previously download-only.

But these games are somewhat the exception rather than the norm, So with that, round one ends, and mobile apps take the lead. They are far more accessible than PC games.


In the gaming realm, the eternal question persists: which platform reigns supreme, the PC or mobile apps? At, enthusiasts delve into this ongoing discourse, exploring the dynamic landscapes and diverse experiences offered by each. While PCs offer unparalleled graphics and expansive gameplay, mobile apps provide accessibility and convenience. Whether conquering virtual battlefields or embarking on epic quests, gamers find their niche within the diverse landscape offered by both PC and mobile gaming.

Although graphics are one of the factors influencing gameplay, in the gaming realm, it is a standalone feature with profound impacts.

And, no, PC games are not just going to wipe the floor with mobile app games, as you might expect. The lackluster graphics often associated with mobile app games are now a thing of the past due to advancements in mobile technology. For a start, screens are bigger now on average than in the past. And more importantly, quality games like Call of Duty Mobile are pushing the mobile hardware to its maximum capacity. It just looks better than you would imagine.

Nonetheless, PC games are still at least one foot ahead regarding quality graphics. And it is because of the little details. Lighting, weather effects, reflections, ray tracings, you name it! PC games have enough system architecture to portray all these things to mirror reality.

For now, mobile app games are not yet available.

Gaming Options

What mobile app games lack in graphics, they make up for in gaming options. There is a diverse range of mobile app games across multiple gaming genres for gamers to choose from.

Be it casual games like puzzles, sports, or action games, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, the advancement in cloud mobile game technology further widens the coverage. As it stands, gamers need to know how to choose an online game to avoid getting lost in multiple options, because the choice can simply be overwhelming, and sorting the wheat from the chaff feels impossible at times.

On the contrary, despite PC gaming being around for much longer, it doesn’t provide as many gaming options as mobile apps. A major reason for this is that most PC games often require more development costs and robust systems. Moreover, the major games have developed a massive following, and gamers are more attached to them than newer games.

Gaming Experience

Sure, mobile app games can be easily accessed. But is the experience top-notch, though? Would you want to play The Witcher or FIFA 24 on your mobile phone?

PC games generally offer an immersive gaming experience owing to customization and quality graphics. In addition, the PC hardware is highly customizable, allowing players to create and modify their reality. PC gaming further elevates the gaming experience by allowing gamers to choose from various gaming peripherals ranging from mouse and keyboard to joysticks, steering wheels, and wireless controllers. Others go a step further by integrating exclusive gaming beds to elevate the overall configuration of their PC gaming experience. Explore Gamer Gear Directs wide range of gaming beds to tailor your gaming space for maximum comfort and functionality, guaranteeing an immersive and enjoyable gaming session every time. Even in online casinos, being able to see the dealer and the details of the roulette wheel on a bigger screen help transport players to the casino and give a more immersive feeling.

All these make PC gaming an experience and not a pastime.

The same can’t be said about mobile app games. However, mobile app game developers are advancing rapidly due to advancements in mobile technology. The screens are bigger, and the storage capacities are larger. But there are just some games that neither the Apple A14 Bionic nor the Snapdragon 865 can run.

Therefore, PC games take this round, as they have better and stronger hardware features to blur a gamer’s reality during gaming.


In the last round, we tie various factors like accessibility and gaming requirements into one: convenience.

And it’s really a no-brainer, this one.


Mobile apps take the round as they are portable, economical, easily accessible, and require little or no additional development kits. They are also available across both iOS and Android devices.

All these come together to make them more convenient than PC games. It’s so easy to play one level of a game, or play through 10 hands of blackjack on a mobile than setting up a PC and waiting for everything to load.


Different gamers will consider PC and mobile app games to be in the lead, depending on their preference.

The casual gamer who values convenience, easy accessibility, and a wider gaming option will consider mobile app games to be miles ahead of PC games. On the other hand, the out and out gamer who’s in love with the little details and all about the experience will find that this topic shouldn’t be up for discussion.

So where do you belong; who’s your champion?

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