Madden NFL 24: Has the Game Improved from the Previous Version?


The NFL is arguably one of the most famous sporting leagues in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that there are also some very popular video games that are based on it.

Madden NFL is a video game which is based on the NFL, or the National Football League. This series of football-themed games saw its beginning in the late 1980s, formerly known as John Madden Football, named after famous football coach and commentator John Madden.

Every year since the initial release, a new version of the game has been released, with the latest being Madden NFL 24. The big question is, has the game improved from the previous versions?

Team Selection

Madden NFL games are based on the real-life NFL, and this means that all of the competing teams have options to choose from when playing the game. The best-rated teams in the game are the favorites in the NFL futures markets.

Players can choose to play as a selection of athletes from any team. The teams in Madden NFL 24 are based on the real teams and their current athletes. This makes the game an incredibly immersive experience and one that avid NFL fans can enjoy fully. Check out NFL player props here.

Improved Graphics

There is no doubt that one of the biggest and most obvious improvements seen in the newest release of the Madden NFL Games is the graphics. Over the past few years, the world has seen a technological revolution, and this has made its way into the world of video gaming, too.

Improved graphics are something the game aims for with every new release; however, with the new release of Madden NFL 24, we have seen major improvements in how the game looks.

Attention to detail on characters is impeccable, with each of them looking more lifelike, offering more fluid movement, and just an overall more visually pleasing appearance. There has also been a notable difference in the shoulder pads, making them appear more realistic in action.

New Animations

Yet another amazing improvement that has come to light with the new release of Madden NFL is the new animations. While in the previous version, the animations were not terrible, in this latest release, we see an addition of a handful of animations that make the game more realistic and enjoyable.


Some of these new animations include a new skill-based passing system as well as new diving catches. Not to mention, the tracking of player momentum has drastically improved. All of these together offer a better-looking game that plays out more authentically.

Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is making a name for itself in the gaming world, and this is apparent with its presence in Madden NFL 24. Making use of machine learning throughout the game has offered gamers a more authentic and natural experience within the game rather than one that is precalculated.

AI team players are now more capable of learning the patterns of the gamers but can also make more realistic mistakes while playing. This is something that hasn’t been seen in any previous games.

User Interface

While the game is seeing a lot of praise for its improvements, one place where it seems to be lacking significantly is its user interface. The design of the user interface could be done with an update as it looks a bit old and boring.

In addition to the look of it, many players have noticed that when playing Superstar Mode, the menu lags, and everything happens very slowly. While the gameplay itself is superior, attention should be turned to these menus as well as to the off-field parts of the game.

Return of Mini Games

Mini games were brought in for Madden 12 but were quickly removed in the next release of the game, Madden 13. The reason for this is unclear, but they have now been revived for the newest release, Madden NFL 24.


These mini-games are designed to be played in addition to the main game itself and not has separate little games just for the fun of it. The 26 new mini-games are there to help you build your player’s skills.

The downside to these minigames is that the high score is not saved, meaning if you want your player to use that skill, you will have to repeatedly play the mini-games. Mini-games can also be used to prep your team for a season.

Cross-platform Play

Last but certainly not least, one of the most beneficial and praised additions to the new Madden NFL 24 game is the option for cross-platform play. This is the very first year that cross-platform play has been introduced to the game, and it has been a game changer.

In the past, only players using the same consoles could play with each other. This is no longer the case and has opened the game up to so many new players. This is arguably one of the best changes developers could have made to the game.

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